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Benefits Of Solar In Charlotte

There are plenty of reasons to add solar panels to your Charlotte home. Beyond the potential financial benefits, solar also benefits the environment and there’s the potential for a major return on your initial investment. 

  1. Own Your Power — Protect your household from the impact of rising energy costs by creating your own electricity, which helps you rely less on the grid.
  2. Potentially Reduce Your Electric Bill — Since you’ll be producing your own energy, you could potentially save thousands of dollars on electricity bills over time.
  3. Qualify For Federal Tax Credit — Qualified homeowners are eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 26% for installing residential solar panels.5
  4. Potentially Increase Your Property’s Value — Studies show that having solar panels installed may increase your home’s value, giving you a potential return on investment should you sell your home.
  5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint — Solar energy is a clean alternative to fossil fuels, and can easily reduce your carbon footprint. This allows you to do your part for the planet!

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What Happens To Excess Solar Energy?

Your solar panel system may generate more electricity than is needed to keep your home running at times. If you don’t use all the energy produced by your panels, there are a couple of ways it can still be useful. 

Store excess energy in a backup battery.3

If your panels produce excess energy, the extra power can be stored in your Generac battery backup to be used in the event of a grid power outage or at night when your panels are not producing any electricity. In addition, the stored energy can fill the gaps when your home’s solar panels are not producing at full capacity.

Use excess energy via net metering.

Net metering is the process of sending extra energy that your solar panels produce back to the grid in exchange for credits on future electric bills. If your panels produce extra energy, you can be credited for the energy you sell back (often at a 1-to-1 ratio), meaning that you sell it back at the same price you would buy it. This is a great incentive for using solar energy, but it’s important to note that some utility companies do not offer net metering. Availability, excess credits and other requirements vary by area and utility providers.

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Solar Panel Installation In Charlotte

  • Request a free form, either online or by calling us. Our solar representatives will get in touch with you shortly to discuss going solar. We’ll make sure you’re a good candidate for solar panels during this discussion and schedule your free in-home consultation.
  • One of our experienced solar experts will come to your home and evaluate your property and electric bills in person. This helps us estimate what size solar system will be a good fit for your needs. This results in a custom proposal that addresses your home’s specific energy usage. Once you’ve signed the contract, it’s time for our team to prepare for installation!
  • On installation day, we’ll arrive on time and carefully install your solar panels in a way that prevents damage to your roof or home. This should only take a day or two. Once we’re done, we’ll test out your system and clean up our workspace before heading out.

Cost Of Solar

Solar energy is more affordable than ever for Charlotte residents! However, the cost of your solar energy system will vary, depending on your home, energy usage and energy goals. Our solar experts can develop a solution for your home that includes how many solar panels will work best for your needs.

The cost of solar panels is calculated based on dollars per watt. We calculate the number of panels you need based on the number of watts your home typically uses. Once we have that number, we can effectively design a custom solar solution for your home.

Your Charlotte Solar Panel Installation Cost Includes The Following:

Installation Equipment

This includes the solar panels, inverters, wiring, conduit, mounting racks and mounting hardware.

A Custom Solar System

Once you sign the contract, our team begins designing a system, filing the relevant permits and proceeding with the setup for your installation.

A Time And Date For Your Installation

On the day of installation, our team carefully installs and tests your system to ensure that it’s working properly, then cleans up your property as though we were never there!